Doing business means seeing opportunities and grasping them. We understand the need of the consumers for fresh fruits with guaranteed quantity, food safety and consistent quality. Vietlimes is a company founded by a family business in 2016 to catch the opportunities which Viet Nam joined the TPP’s negotiations. Vietlimes Co., Ltd is growers, packers and exporters of fresh fruit. Initially we are a small and specializing in purchasing seasonal fruits for consumption local market since 1999. We have two decades of experience in working with fresh producers like lime, chili and mango. The company’s main activity is the fruit trade. 

We are base in the biggest delta in Viet Nam -  in Mekong river. Fruit is produced here on 300 000 hectares. The production reaches 3 000 000 tons of fruit. Main crop are limes (seed and seedless), mango and banana, but there are also papayas, orange, polemo, durian, coconut, etc., produced here.

At the beginning Vietlimes was concentrated on the Cambodia and  China Market, where the company supplied to the frontier retailer. High requirement on limes of our Chinese clients focused on quantity and Aboutusquality issues. Currently, lime is commonly grown with a large area in the Mekong Delta, where an abundant supply of fresh river water allows farmers to irrigate their farms and produce limes throughout the year. High standard of the product and quantity gave us opportunities to develop on other markets.

We are working under the philosophy: "the fresh at competitive prices". We commit ourselves to source the best for our customers using top-quality grower, we cooperate with farmers, who are VietGap and GlobalGAP certified. As a young, professional and committed company, we assure the good quality of the products, on time delivery, and at the most favorable prices which we specially reserve for the new buyers in order to set up a long term partnership.  

We are interested in building long-term partnership with the fruit distributors around the Asia to provide the market with the healthy, fresh and delicious fruit to satisfy our customers.

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Vietlimes Company Limited
Address: 1-1C Ho Ba Phan Street, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam
Branch & Farming: My Hiep Communes, Cao Lanh Rural Districts, Dong Thap Province, Viet Nam
Email: vietlimes@gmail.com
Website: www.vietlimes.com
Tel: (+84) 969 655 316
Skype: vietlimes       Whatsapp/Viber: (+84) 969 655 316