Develop Mango Production as Key Fruit Export Industry

Implemented by Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) in “Develop mango industry Plan of Đồng Tháp Province in the 2016 – 2020 period”, the objectives are to raise the value and become fruit export industry which has stability, develop sustainably and combine with ecotourism development for Đồng Tháp; and to innovate value chains of mango based on reorganizing production, etc…

Growers planting mangoes in Cao Lãnh District learn about mango preserved bags

To implement those objectives, the agriculture industry will intensify propaganda of the Agricultural Restructuring Project for developing mango industry; disseminate the purpose of  agricultural restructuring, the benefit of linking production and consumption and campaign growers to apply Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) to improve product quality as well as use the certified trademark “"Cát Chu of Cao Lãnh” and “Cao Lãnh Mango”.

The subordinates of DARD also informs to farmers about laws and regulations on food safety and hygiene, banned substances on mango trees, permitted residue levels of fertilizers and plant protection chemicals on mangoes in importing countries; reinforces Cooperation Groups, Cooperatives to improve management and operation capability to promote development in the right direction.

Besides, DARD and relevant agencies also create conditions for enterprises to access to and build up raw material areas associated with Cooperation Groups, Cooperatives and farmers in consumption of mango; support businesses to invest machines and equipment for processing mango and etc…

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