Technical training and construction of model on mango planting for farmers


From 9-2015 to 8-2017, An Giang Center for Application of Scientific and Technological Advancements in collaboration with the Southern Institute of fruit trees to implement the project on 


"Technical training and construction of model on mango planting of 3 colors / Yellow Gold in Cho Moi District ". Total cost for project implementation is 525.4 million dong, the support from budget of scientific career is 445.5 million dong, the remaining is from farmers’ capitals. Master Le Thanh Son, An Giang Center for Application of Scientific and Technological Advancements – Chairman of the project said: The objective was to provide technical training and construction of cultivation model of 3 colors / Yellow Gold in Cho Moi District in order to help farmer households in application of scientific and technological advances in production, especially to enhance the quality and productivity for mango trees towards export markets, to increase the income for farmers. Application of scientific and technological advances into production thereby improving the productivity of mango trees to reach 4 tons / year / 1,000m2, the rate of fruits at level 1 from 50% and over and the average weight of 600g/fruit.
Developing standard procedures for cultivation of mangoes of 3 colors through demonstrations (2000m2 / model) as a basis to replicate. Training 75 farmers and 15 local staff through 3 training courses on techniques for cultivation of mangoes in 3 colors for 3 communes in Gieng islet. Organizing a delegation to learn experiences for farmers and technical officers in the province. The content of the project include 4 sections: Building the process of farming techniques, building demonstration model, technical training, organizing a tour for experiential learning. In the framework of the project, to perform data collection on natural conditions, characteristics of climate, water regime, soil quality; a survey on actual status of farming techniques, compilation for the cultivation process of three color-mangoes. Choosing one household to build the model of cultivation demonstration of around 2,000m2 / model. The selected household shall meet these criteria: Total area of cultivation about 4,000m2, with recent life span of over 3 years.

The land must be representative for the study area, easy for movement, to facilitate the production guidance as well as to organize sightseeing for transfering technical advances. Farmers must have their main income based on agriculture, with production conditions and economic circumstances represented for local peasantry, as people in place to take care of the model carefully. Farmers must be highly collaborative, ready to share experiences for people around; have the credibility with local people to persuade the replication of productive model. After finishing the stage of experiment (under cultivation techniques of the Southern fruit trees Institute) will be the renovation, improvement for the process of cultivation techniques for 3 color-mango trees for the locality and the dissemination of these techniques to farmers of 3 communes in Gieng isle.

Organizing 3 training courses on the theory and practices for farmers in the 3 communes of Gieng isle. "Through this model, there will be positive impacts in encouraging people to boldly restructuring crops and livestock, applying scientific and technological advances in production to create commercial products containing brainpower and high economic value. After finishing the model with efficiency, the Centre will propose the Departement of Science and Technology to continue to support the implementation in phase 2, replicate this model for other communes of Cho Moi district and neighboring districts, while facilitating on techniques to help farmers boldly restructure crops in areas with fovourable conditions, "Deputy Director of the Center for Scientific and Technological Advancements Nguyen Van Tung said. 3 color-mango seeds in Cho Moi were imported from Taiwan, have had strong development in Cho Moi District, most concentrated in three communes (Tan My, My Hiep and Binh Phuoc Xuan) in Gieng islet.

The trees have vigorous growth, give fruits after 18 months of planting, easily to flower and get fruits, flowering time is in calendar months of December and January, harvest time is in calendar months of April and May, the weight of a big fruit is 685.73 grams / fruit, a small one is 450gram, the biggest one is 1,200gram. Fruit is quite delicious, both in ripened and fresh fruits, the flesh ratio is over 80% compared with the weight of fruit. The cultivation of 3 color-mango trees, so far under spontaneous style, without application of science and technology for a sustainable development of mango products.

Translated by THI HUỲNH

Source: An Giang E-Portal