About us

About us

In 1999, Vietlimes started our business in fresh fruit sector with the name "2 Thuấn" - a fruit storage located in Dong Thap province. Initially, we were a small trader who collected seasonal fruits (limes, mangoes, pineapples, etc,.) from neighbor provinces such as Long An, Tien Giang, Vinh Long, and Can Tho, then send them to Ho Chi Minh city for the consumption. With our best efforts, we have become one of biggest traders of limes in Dong Thap. From 2002, the output of limes in Dong Thap has increased significantly. As a result, the supply of limes has exceeded the demand in Ho Chi Minh City. Therefore, we decided to widen our market into the whole country and then to penetrate international markets. We have a cold system to store fresh fruits and we are committed to not use any types of preservatives. We always do our best to satisfy all customers' requirements. Cooperate with us, you will be assured of our product quality: Vietlimes' products:  “Safe and fresh - all for best"!”.

Founded on 2017, the company’s target is to provide the customer with the fresh fruits for good health and good taste.

  • Brand name: VIETLIMES
  • Address: No 1-1C Ho Ba Phan Street, Phuoc Long A Ward, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Tel: (+84) 969 655 316 
  • Website: www.vietlimes.com 
  • Email : vietlimes@gmail.com
  • Business Reg/Tax ID: 0314038540 by Ho Chi Minh Department of Planning and Investment, Viet Nam.
  • Business sector:
    • Farming, processing, buying and selling fruits product;
    • Producing, trading fresh fruits for domestic and export;
    • Producing and trading all kinds of packing.

Our product

The core activity of Vietlimes is a fruit trade. We offer a wide range of fruit ofAboutus different varieties. The most important are limes and mangoes, but we also offer chili, pomelo and guavas packed, prepared and supplied accordingly to our customer’s expectations.
Limes are our main commercial product. The most popular among our customers are fresh and safe. These includes seed limes (Citrus × aurantiifolia) and seedless limes, which is becoming increasingly popular among both, producers and customers. We can provide the best quality, big quantity per week with fast services and competitive price. We pack in bags, cartons, boxes. We pack in terms of color and size.
Aboutus all year
Mangoes ranks second in terms of sales. This tasty and healthy fruit is very popular in Vietnam and increasingly in Asia and Russia. Our main variety is a Taiwanese mangoes Mangifera Indica. The average mango weight gain 1.0 - 1.5 kg pulp thick, reviews make pulp, seeds thin, dark sweets, especially food and fresh green growth and strength superior to other mango varieties. Packaging available: we prepare the fruit accordingly to customers wish. We pack in bags, cartons, boxes and in terms of color and size.
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We also offer fresh chili, pomelo and guavas. It is planted in Mekong delta where the conditions for the production are the best. We can guarantee all the year-class product.
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Our board


 Nguyen Kim Thuy
 Her parents had a small citrus farm where Mrs. Thuy worked as a child. From the start, she has a fruit storage facility on Mekong delta in 1999. Mrs  Thuy has 16 years’ experience in retail and fresh produce like lime, mango and chili. She has spent the last 15 years running a  a supplier to domestic  markets. She leads the overall vision and corporate direction through constant support of the  sales team and partnership development.


Aboutus Chief Executive Officer
 Nguyen Duy Tan
 Mr Tan is the Chief Executive Officer at Vietlimes Limited. Tan's background would be more suited for  the role. Tan was previously employed by others  agriculture import-export company in Viet Nam. Tan is a  graduate Bachelor of Business Administration from Viet Nam National University in 2011.



Aboutus Sales Manager
 Ron Ray
 Mr Ron is a sales manger, responsible for revenue optimization, strategy, corporate sales, as well as sales & marketing. He has a broad experience in private business in Viet Nam and Australia. He  has an Masters in Business Administration and BA from The University of Sydney.



Aboutus Sale Executive
 Huynh Thi Huynh Mai
 She graduated from Can Tho University with major of food technology bachelor degree in 2008 and got MSc in 2011. With five years of experience in  responsibility for quality products at Communication  and Food Management at Dong Thap province, Viet Nam. She has been sales executive of          Vietlimes since 2017.


Contact us:

Vietlimes Company Limited
Address: 1-1C Ho Ba Phan Street, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam
Branch & Farming: My Hiep Communes, Cao Lanh Rural Districts, Dong Thap Province, Viet Nam
Email: vietlimes@gmail.com
Website: www.vietlimes.com
Tel: (+84) 969 655 316
Skype: vietlimes       Whatsapp/Viber: (+84) 969 655 316